• Strategic objective

    Strategic objective – to become the largest passenger carrier in the Baltic States, ensuring safety during the journey and provide service by the highest quality standards of the European Union.

  • Mission

    Missionprovide the service with modern-equipped and comfortable buses on the routes, served by us, available to every passenger.

  • Vision

    Vision – to be a companion for our passengers, take care and responsibility for safety of the passengers during the journeys.


Safety of passengers, employees and other participants of the road traffic is our main priority. Our bus drivers are highly qualified, experienced and trained how to act in different unexpected situations on the road.

Care for the environment

It is environmentally friendlier to use public transport than private vehicles daily. We are striving to be ecologically responsible. We are investing continuously in the improvement of our bus fleet. We gradually reduce the number of old buses by substituting them with new ones that are more economical and environmentally friendlier. Our buses comply with Euro 4 and higher emission standards that allow to reduce the amount of harmful emissions.

Easy access

We are striving that our buses are easy and conveniently accessible for different groups of passengers, also for parents with children and persons with special needs. We make our efforts to adjust vehicles with low level platform or equip them with special devices for passengers in wheelchairs.