From March 23 some fares will be not operated on several EA routes

In the fact that an emergency situation has been announced in the country and as a result of passenger flow has fallen, the Road Transport Administration (RTA) has decided to reduce the number of fares on the regional bus routes. Therefore, some fares will be not operated from March 23 until the end of the emergency.

The following fares will no longer be completed:

• Route No 6842 from the bus stop “Carnikavas tirgus” fare at 6.50 and at 12.00;

• Route No 6821 from the bus stop “’Adažu centrs” fare at 7.10;

• Route No 6822 from the bus stop “Jugla” fare at 8.15;

• Route 5294 from the bus stop “Ādaži” fares at 10.55, 14.10 and 18.05.

As the number of passengers has decreased significantly, please be informed, that a couple of fares will be operated by minibuses. We would like to ask passengers to put attention on upcoming timetable changes and before the planned trip check if the specific fare will be operated by certain ways: on the EA mobile app, on the 1188 website or the RTA website.