On currently closed routes, operated by RMS, minibuses will resume running after the nationwide state of emergency shall be canceled

The timetable changes on the several routes, operated by the SIA “Rīgas mikroautobusu satiksme” (RMS), entered into force, determined by the Riga City Council, to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, from Saturday, March 21 several routes of express bus and minibus are not operated at all and on several routes – minibuses run on a weekend timetable. 

The RMS has implemented a number of safety actions: disinfecting vehicles, restricting the first passenger seat (at the boarding door) from the driver, allowed passengers to be registering the journey only with an e-talons and only used the rear door to get in or out from the vehicle.

These changes have caused considerable inconvenience for passengers, who regularly use minibuses and express buses to get to work, as not everyone has the ability to work remotely from home. 

After the announced changes, the RMS has received passengers’ claims about routes No. 203, 204, 214, 263 and 271 are closed on weekends. These routes cover unique connections to important institutions for citizens. We apologies to passengers for the inconvenience. Please be understanding, that the changes have been made to limit the distribution of the COVID-19.

RMS approve the changes, considering the declared state of emergency, but the public transport should be available for passengers, who have to get to the workplaces, and minimize the unnecessary social contact as possible.