The ticket price for RMS express minibus is the same as at Riga’s city public transport, operated by Rīgas satiksme. The subscription ticket per route is not valid on the RMS fares. 

Passenger discounts, specified by Riga City Council for certain passenger groups, are not applicable at express minibuses, except passengers – persons with disabilities (group I and II), as well accompanying person, if the child with disability hasnot reached the age of 18. The journey is free of charge with condition – person with disability has to present a valid Disability Certificate to the minibus driver.


Purchasing multiple journey ticket at once, volume discounts apply as follows:

1 journeyEUR 1.15
2 journeysEUR 2.30
4 journeysEUR 4.60
5 journeysEUR 5.75
10 journeysEUR 10.90
20 journeysEUR 20.70
* 50 journeysEUR 50.60
Ticket price purchased from the driver EUR 2.00

* ticket can only be loaded on blue e-talons and Rīdzinieka karte

Ticket price for night-time fare for all passengers

When registered with an e-talonsEUR 1.15
When purchased from the driver EUR 2.00

The Time-tickets also can be used at minibuses and express minibuses:

Hour ticket price 1.15 EUR

The following time tickets can be loaded on yellow e-talons: picture yellow e-talons:

  • 24 h ticket costs EUR 5, valid on all routes;
  • 3-day ticket costs EUR 10, valid on all routes;
  • 5-day ticket per route costs EUR 9 (e.g. Airport – Riga city center)
  • 5-day ticket on all routes costs EUR 15

The right to travel free of charge on Rīgas mikroautobusu satiksme express minibuses applied to the persons with disability groups 1 or 2, persons under 18 years of age with disabilities, as well as to an accompanying person of disabled person group I or disabled persons under 18 years of age. To register a free journey, please present a valid Disability Certificate to the minibus driver. It is also possible to register the free journey, present a personalized e-talons (to make a personalized e-talons free of charge can be made at any of Rigas satiksme customer service centres, presenting a personal identification document and a valid Disability Certificate).

Suitable minibus timetable for persons with disability

To clarify the exact time, when drives an adapted express minibus for the persons with wheelchair or for the persons, who is traveling with pram or stroller, please call +371 66907787. Passengers also can be advised about exact timetable for the required express minibus route for the next day. The new service will help passengers (with wheelchair or pram)to plan their journeys more easily and relaxed, as the adapted express minibuses runs on each route, but in different times.

All the busiest routes are operated with express minibuses adapted with space for a wheelchair or pram and equippedwith a wheelchair ramp to facilitate entry into the vehicle. By calling to the informative phone +371 28683508 or +371 26167426, passengers can clarify the exact time, when drives an adapted express minibus for the next day.

To ensure maximum passenger safety, the RMS asks an accompanying person of disabled passenger not to push the wheelchair in the express minibus itself, but wait for the assistance of the driver. During the journey, the seat belt must be used to lock the wheelchair or pram.

About non-issued tickets

Majority – 92% of passengers – pay by e-talons for the journey at RMS express minibuses, minimizing the circulation of cash and the risk of non-issued tickets. To control if employees are performing their duties well, RMS also created a two-step control and motivation model. At the recruitment of staff, assessing the communication capacity of the employee and experience in passenger transport service. RMS politics determine that each express minibus driver develops communication skills and learn the routes, including stops, before he starts the work.

RMS has been established a control service, where employees are examining the quality of the services provided by express minibus drivers, by performed inspection at the express minibuses during the service and remote surveillance. The Control Service of the Rīgas satiksme and the Control Service of the Riga City Council Transport Department also controls the RMS service quality.