SA passengers choose the bus instead of train traffic

In June and July of this year, SIA “Public Bus” (SA), which provides passenger transport for intercity routes in the Kurzeme region – Liepāja, Saldus, Kuldkrzyskie, Ventspils, Talsi and others, has conducted a passenger survey to identify Customer’s views on the quality and service of the provided services.

The new public transport concept implies that railways will be the main backbone for regional traffic, so the SA wanted to find out the views of passengers on what kind of public transport they would prefer. According to a poll on the 77 SA intercity route Liepāja-Riga-bus passengers prefer to give a bus instead of train traffic as the main reason to mention that the bus can be reached in the destination faster. On the other hand, 17 respondents could use both bus and train traffic, provided that a single ticket is introduced that will allow the passenger to transfer quickly and easily to another vehicle. Only 6 will use the train service provided the bus from the train station is delivered home.

One of the most important factors in today’s choice of public vehicle type is the time spent on the road. In particular, Saldus-Ventspils passengers (45) are prepared to pay more than a ticket, provided that it becomes faster by express flight. In addition, 39 this express flight is used every working day, as much only on Sundays, but 11 only Friday afternoons and just as much every day.

Assessing the quality and technical condition of the SA buses in the five-puppet system (5 – brilliant, 1-very poor), cleanliness of the cabin and outside, comfortable seats, cordless Internet, air-conditioning, audiovisual information) 44 passengers believe that it is good, 32-excellent and 10 -Satisfactory only 2 is very bad. In turn, the rating of the driver service culture – driving style, clothing, service and treatment, 35 passengers valued as outstanding, 44 – as good and 21 – satisfactory. In addition, 39 respondents, using the mobile application, would use the opportunity to assess the quality of bus and coach service in online mode. A total of 38 respondents participated in the survey.

About JSC “Public bus”
SIA public Bus provides passenger transport on regional local and regional routes since 1958. . In addition to regular passenger services, the company also provides student regular services and offers transport rental for tourist or collective journeys. “Public bus” provides passenger transport of 43 local and regional intercity routes.